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Used laptops

Business-class devices are a guarantee for maximum performance, security and reliable work over a very long period of time. Unfortunately, the purchase costs of new devices of this type should not be underestimated. However, these can be reduced by buying used devices.

Used laptops

Used laptops are one way of reducing costs in this segment by up to 70 %. Such a sales model convinces many companies as well as private individuals. Our customers include both public institutions and private companies. A large group of individuals have also placed their trust in us. The trend towards leasing return laptops stems from the fact that the key element when choosing new equipment is the price. And the price of these devices can be reduced by several thousand PLN. This appeals to almost everyone. It is also worth mentioning that business-class devices are still fully functional even after years of leasing and we offer a 36-month warranty, even for Next Business Day devices. Of course, the Windows operating system is also included. In the AMSO store, you receive a new refurbished license together with the laptop. This means that the device is completely legal and ready to work as soon as it is connected. Another important aspect is the fact that refurbished laptops are available in many different configurations. Thanks to this, we can adapt them to any type of work. This means that they can be used by different institutions and always fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

Wide range of lease return laptops

Affordable laptops mean that we can offer products from leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo or Fujitsu to every person who enters the AMSO store. Each device is checked, tested and classified according to its consumption status. Thanks to this, everyone can choose their device not only in terms of its parameters, but also its appearance. The technical condition of all the laptops we offer is thoroughly verified before they are put up for sale.

Low-cost lease return laptops

This type of leaseback laptop is the best solution for anyone who wants to combine high-quality business-class equipment with a low price. Both private individuals and companies can store in our stores. Of course, we issue invoices with VAT included.

Standard laptops on lease are a good choice for many people as they are ideal for everyday tasks required by users. Surfing the internet, using office applications - these are examples of tasks that are a breeze for them. In addition, standard leasing laptops can also play various types of multimedia - from music to movies to simple games. Their performance is sufficient to ensure smooth and comfortable work. This makes tasks that seemed difficult much easier. Choose standard laptops for leasing and enjoy the performance you want!

Yes, standard laptops on lease often have a pre-installed operating system that is ready to use without the need to install it yourself. This is a considerable relief and time saver for many users. However, it is important to note that this is not always the rule. Rase leasing computers can also be sold without an operating system. In this case, the buyer decides which system to install on the device. This choice often depends on personal preference, working comfort or the type of tasks performed on the computer. Whether a leased laptop has a pre-installed operating system therefore depends on the specific sales offer.

Standard laptops on lease have a different battery life depending on many factors, such as the laptop model or the condition of the battery. In general, the battery life of these devices is 2 to 4 hours. However, it is important to note that it can be both shorter and longer depending on the computer's usage mode and power management settings. Regardless of whether you use your laptop for work or leisure, optimizing power management settings can significantly extend battery life. Therefore, although standard laptops can provide 2 to 4 hours of battery life when leased, proper power management can help maximize the battery's potential.