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Dell Monitors

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Dell Monitor - Widest Selection

If you're looking to purchase a monitor that offers not only excellent image quality but also high user comfort, you're in the right place. In the AMSO store, you'll surely find a model that meets all your requirements. Check out our branded Dell monitors and see for yourself.

We have been operating in the market for many years, leveraging our experience and expert knowledge to provide services of the highest quality. We are confident that we can find a solution that will satisfy every customer. Opt for quality and choose a used Dell monitor for yourself. Our extensive range is a guarantee of your satisfaction.

Our Dell monitor offer is constantly expanding. We encourage you to visit the store regularly and check for added novelties. This is the best way to catch the best deals at extremely attractive prices. Our off-lease equipment is an investment you will not regret.

Branded Dell Monitors - Best Offer

We attach great importance to ensuring that all products available in our assortment meet high standards of craftsmanship. Therefore, we offer branded devices from the best manufacturers.

Original Dell monitors guarantee, above all, high image quality due to support for high resolutions and faithful color reproduction. The widespread use of IPS panels makes them extremely popular among both professionals and for home use.

A Dell monitor from our offer also ensures high durability and long life. Thanks to excellent and thoughtful design, you will be able to use it for a very long time.

By choosing an off-lease Dell monitor from the AMSO store, you also give yourself the opportunity to choose from a variety of interesting models that differ in size, shapes, type of panel, screen ratio, and additional features. Be sure to check out the full range!

Dell Monitor - Which Panel to Choose?

Among the most popular solutions offered by Dell monitors, the In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel should be mentioned. It provides wide viewing angles, meaning that the image displayed on the screen is well visible even when viewed from the side or from above. Other advantages of this solution include accurate color reproduction and excellent contrast. All of this makes Dell IPS monitors an ideal choice for professional graphic designers, video editors, or photographers.

A Dell monitor with a TN panel is a choice often favored by gamers. Although it does not offer as wide viewing angles or vivid colors as IPS, it has a significantly shorter response time. This makes the image displayed on the screen smoother, which can be important during gameplay and positively impact its dynamics. It's also worth mentioning that Dell monitors with TN panels usually have slightly lower prices.

Another popular and modern solution is the H-IPS panel. A Dell monitor using this technology combines the advantages of both of the above solutions. It accurately reproduces colors and contrast, offers wide viewing angles, and has a shorter response time than traditional IPS. Therefore, it can be a great choice for those who do not like hardware compromises and expect the highest quality in every situation.

Dell Monitors in Different Sizes

Wondering what screen size will be best for you? The proper screen diagonal may vary depending on the function of the monitor and personal preferences.

If you are interested in basic functionalities such as internet browsing or standard office work, investing in a large screen is not always necessary. A Dell 22-inch monitor will work excellently and provide you with adequate work comfort.

A Dell 24-inch monitor is also a suitable solution for such applications. Although slightly larger, it provides a larger workspace, which can be more comfortable. Dell 24 monitors are currently one of the more popular solutions used in offices and homes.

If a Dell 24-inch monitor is still not enough, and you are looking for a product that will allow you to comfortably engage with multimedia or games, a Dell 27-inch monitor may be an excellent solution. This screen diagonal provides a much better view of details, which can be useful in many tasks, such as graphic editing.

If a Dell 27-inch monitor is still insufficient, there's nothing stopping you from choosing an even larger model. A Dell 32-inch monitor provides high resolution and a large workspace. This is a very common choice among gamers and professionals working with graphics or video. Models offering the highest resolutions, such as Dell 4K monitors, usually have a diagonal above 30 inches.

Regardless of whether you choose a Dell 27-inch monitor or a smaller or larger model, remember to always set the screen at the appropriate and safe distance from your eyes, approximately 50-70 cm.

Used Dell Monitor - Learn More

Wondering which Dell monitors will best suit your needs? We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full range. We have prepared detailed descriptions available on the product subpages. There, you will find technical specifications and preview photos to help you make a final decision about your purchase.

If you still have doubts, contact our customer service department. We employ experienced advisors who will be happy to answer all your questions. With their help, you will surely choose a used Dell monitor that fully satisfies you.

Find out and take advantage of our exceptional offers today. The quality and prices at AMSO are unbeatable!