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Dirty work laptops

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Rugged Laptops for Harsh Conditions

Laptops for tough jobs - that's what we call a group of devices created for work in exceptionally harsh conditions that could spell disaster for most electronic devices. Heat, rain, freezing cold, dust, and sand - all these factors could lead to inevitable failure. Nevertheless, construction workers, automotive technicians, field scientists, and soldiers need high-quality, rugged laptops that can withstand the demands of their work. These are known as "rugged" laptops, and in our store, you can find rugged laptops from Dell and Panasonic with screen sizes ranging from 10.1" to 15.6".

Rugged Laptops with Outstanding Components

Panasonic Toughbook rugged laptops feature Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Core i5 processors clocked at 2260 - 2700 GHz with 2 - 4 MB of cache. Rugged laptops come with SSD drives ranging from 120 to 256 GB, 4 - 8 GB of RAM, and Intel HD Graphics 3000 or 4000 graphics cards.

Rugged Laptops - Exceptional Durability

Rugged laptops are designed to work in places where extraordinary durability is required. They are not afraid of high temperatures, water, or falls from significant heights. Their very construction is impressive - reinforced and sealed, made from magnesium and aluminum, materials many times stronger than plastic. The uniqueness of this equipment goes beyond its mechanical durability. Rugged laptops are available in versions that can work at temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 60°C. Their screens are designed to be usable even in bright sunlight.

Rugged Laptops from AMSO

Our rugged laptops are off-lease equipment known for their high reliability and performance. They come from large enterprises and corporations where computers are regularly replaced with more modern ones. As a result, they are not overused and can be used for a long time. At AMSO, they undergo additional tests and selection, providing confidence that you are receiving quality products that excel in all areas of use.

AMSO's off-lease rugged laptops are high-quality equipment at the lowest prices, and we provide a 12-month warranty for them.