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Mini computers

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Mini computers are fully functional and efficient computers enclosed in a compact case. Mini PCs may not fit every role like their larger counterparts. The small space limits the use of full-size components. The main challenge is the limited ventilation system, which prevents the use of the fastest processors. Nevertheless, Mini PCs have found their application and a large user base. Below are a few Mini PC solutions supporting multimedia and internet applications.


Thanks to their size, Mini PCs are an enticing proposition for a small office. They handle even more demanding applications while not taking up too much space on the desk. Mini computers can easily be mounted on the back of a monitor, creating an All-In-One unit.


Mini PCs from the Chromebox family are based on the ChromeOS system. These computers provide access to Google services such as Docs, Maps, Google+, or YouTube. The great advantage of Chromebox is its simplicity. If you need a device for browsing the Internet, watching videos, editing documents, or playing browser games, it will prove to be perfect and will also be synchronized with your Google account.

Similar functions are performed by nettops, e.g., Asus Eee Box in an SFF case. This Mini PC is designed for basic tasks such as browsing the Internet, accessing web applications and rich internet applications, documents, audio/video, etc.


Aopen Digital Engine is considered a model example of industrial MiniPCs designed for outdoor use. It is an ideal solution for industry: it has a solid construction and is fully adapted to the toughest operating conditions. Shocks, impacts, cold, heat, dust, and moisture pose no threat to it.


Our Mini computers are off-lease equipment characterized by high reliability and performance. They come from large enterprises and corporations where computers are periodically replaced with more modern ones. As a result, they are not overused and can be used for a long time. At AMSO, they undergo additional tests and selection, providing certainty that you receive good products that perform excellently in all operating conditions.

Off-lease Mini computers from AMSO are high-quality equipment at the lowest prices, and we provide up to 12 months of warranty.