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Computer headphones, although they may seem like a very simple addition at first glance, constitute a wide range of products that differ in appearance, functionality, and purpose. Among them are both professional gaming headphones or for listening to music, as well as much simpler ones that are used only for making calls. The best computer headphones should provide not only good parameters but also user comfort. In the AMSO store, you will find high-quality Dell headphones and those from the renowned brand Dr. Dre.


Computer headphones can be divided based on several different criteria. One of them is the type of connectivity. There are wired and wireless headphones available on the market.

Wired headphones are ordinary headphones with a cable terminated with a jack that fits into most audio device ports. Wired computer headphones provide very good sound quality because nothing disrupts the course of acoustic waves, which can happen with wireless transmission.

Wireless headphones use the following methods to connect to the computer:

  • Radio wave - they offer a wide range (up to 30 meters).
  • Infrared - they work very similarly to a remote control. The range is limited to about 7 meters, and devices must "see" each other.
  • Bluetooth - headphones work thanks to a low-frequency radio wave, which is a digital sound carrier. They offer a range of up to 10 meters, so they can be used away from the computer.


An essential criterion for dividing headphones is the type of their construction:

  • On-ear and over-ear headphones, called headphones, have a full construction covering the entire ears. In this type of headphones, sounds are isolated enough that the music does not leak outside, and at the same time, external noises do not disturb it.
  • Clip-on headphones are a very convenient solution used by athletes and mobile individuals who are constantly on the move. The special construction allows you to clip the headphones behind the ears, keeping them stable in place.
  • In-ear and canal headphones are inserted directly into the ears - in-ear ones are placed shallower - in the ear auricle, and canal ones deeper - in the ear canal. The main advantage of this type of headphones is their small size.


Our offered headphones are off-lease equipment characterized by high reliability and performance. They come from large enterprises and corporations where devices are periodically replaced with more modern models. Thanks to this, the equipment is not overused and can be used for a long time. At AMSO, it undergoes additional testing and selection, ensuring that you receive good products from us that perform well during their use.

Off-lease headphones from AMSO are high-quality equipment at the lowest prices, with a warranty of up to 12 months.