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Graphic monitors

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Graphic monitors and powerful computers are a necessary condition for the work of professional graphic designers to be comfortable and yield appropriate results. These devices must smoothly handle graphic programs, accurately display all image details, and realistically reproduce colors. When a graphic designer processes photos, creates materials for printing, or deals with 3D materials, the way the monitor reproduces colors determines whether the appearance of the graphic work on the screen and in print will be completely identical.


Graphic monitors for professional work should have the right screen parameters in terms of:

  • Resolution and diagonal.
  • Matrix technology.
  • Number and quality of colors and the possibility of calibration.

Adjustability and the types of ports that graphic monitors are equipped with are also important.


Graphic monitors should meet certain standards. The first is the screen size. The smallest recommended size is 27". The proportions of 16:9 are ideal for it. For larger ultrawide monitors, a 21:9 aspect ratio works well. In terms of resolution, which has a decisive impact on the visibility of details, QHD (2560 x 1440 px) or 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 px) are the most optimal choices.


Monitors with IPS panels are most commonly chosen for graphic work. These panels consist of liquid crystals that move parallel to the direction of the screen. They provide wide viewing angles and very realistic color reproduction. An alternative is monitors with VA matrix, where liquid crystals are arranged vertically and diagonally to the surface of the display, providing high contrast, deep black, and good visibility of details.


The number and quality of colors visible on the screen are the most crucial features for a graphic designer. Graphic monitors are equipped with 8-bit matrices, displaying 16.7 million colors, or 10-bit matrices, which reproduce as many as 1.1 billion colors. They should cover as much of the Adobe RGB palette as possible. To make the displayed colors realistic, it is necessary to calibrate based on a reference table. This way, the colors on the monitor screen will have the correct brightness, temperature, white point, and shadow gradation.


Our graphic monitors offered are off-lease equipment characterized by high reliability and performance. They come from large enterprises and corporations where computers are regularly replaced with more modern ones. As a result, they are not overused and can be used for a long time. At AMSO, monitors undergo additional testing and selection, ensuring that you receive good products that perform excellently in all operating conditions.

Off-lease graphic monitors from AMSO are high-quality equipment at the lowest price, and we provide up to 12 months of warranty.