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Used Laptops

Business-class devices are a guarantee of high performance, security, and reliable operation over an extended period. Unfortunately, new devices of this type can be significant investments. However, one can reduce these costs by opting for used devices.

Used Laptops

Used laptops offer a way to reduce costs in this segment by up to 70%. This sales model appeals to many companies as well as individuals. Our customers include both public institutions and private companies. A large group of individuals has also placed their trust in us. The trend of opting for off-lease laptops is driven by the key factor in choosing new devices: price. These devices can be significantly cheaper. This makes them appealing to a wide audience. It's worth mentioning that business-class devices remain fully functional even after years of leasing, and we offer a 36-month warranty, including Next Business Day service, for these devices. Additionally, Windows operating systems are included, and with each laptop purchased from AMSO, you receive a new Refurbished license, ensuring that the device is legal and ready to use immediately. An important aspect is that off-lease laptops are available in various configurations, allowing us to tailor them to different tasks. This makes them suitable for various institutions, always meeting the assigned tasks.

Wide Range of Off-Lease Laptops

Cost-effective laptops enable us to offer products from leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, or Fujitsu to everyone entering the AMSO store. Each device undergoes thorough inspection, testing, and classification based on its condition. This allows customers to choose a device not only based on its specifications but also its appearance. The technical condition of all laptops offered by us is carefully verified before being put up for sale.

Cost-Effective Off-Lease Laptops

Off-lease laptops are the best solution for individuals or businesses looking to combine high-quality business-class devices with a lower price. Our stores cater to both private individuals and companies. We provide invoices with specified value-added tax. We invite you to visit our stores throughout Poland or explore our online shop at