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Monitor accessories

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Monitor accessories are designed to increase our comfort in accordance with ergonomic requirements. The monitor has a dual impact on our health. Firstly, improper positioning relative to the body can, in the long run, cause various types of degeneration. Secondly, the quality of the displayed image has a significant impact on eyesight. In our store, you will find monitor accessories that facilitate their positioning in relation to the computer operator's eye axis.


When placing the monitor on the desk, it is essential to check whether it has a stand with a wide range of adjustments enabling the adoption of an optimal working position. Some monitors only allow slight tilting of the screen sideways or in the vertical plane. It happens that it is not possible to change the height of the screen. In such cases, monitor accessories come to the rescue, as the height at which the screen is located and the angle at which we look at it are crucial factors for our health.


Monitor accessories in the form of rotating desk mounts will ensure that the monitor is positioned directly in front of the user. Its top edge should be slightly below the eye line, and the center of the screen at the line of free vision, in practice at an angle of 15° to 20° below the eye level. The screen surface should be slightly tilted backward by 5° to 10°. Monitor accessories available in our store, thanks to a special adjustment system, allow these conditions to be met.

The distance from the eyes to the monitor should be such that it allows the entire screen surface to be seen without having to turn your head. It is commonly accepted that this is an arm's length away, which is not the most accurate measurement method. A larger monitor will need to be moved further away, and it will depend more on personal perception than on our height and arm length.


Our offered monitor accessories are off-lease equipment characterized by high reliability and performance. They come from large enterprises and corporations where computers are periodically replaced with more modern ones. As a result, they are not worn out and can be used for a long time. At AMSO, monitor accessories undergo additional testing and selection, ensuring that you receive good products from us, perfect for various fields of use. Off-lease HD monitor accessories from AMSO are high-quality, efficient equipment at an attractive price.