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25,000 positive reviews
25,000 positive reviews
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Free delivery from €40
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Purchase with invoice
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Warranty up to 4 years
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80,000 products available immediately
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Fast shipping within 24 hours
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Smart glasses - the future as a smartphone replacement
In today's world of technology, smart glasses seem to be a promising future that could revolutionize our everyday lives. Equipped with features such as integrated microphones, bone-sound audio playback and innovative displays, these devices could replace traditional smartphones. So why could smart glasses be the future? Here are a few reasons.
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Used Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets. A Wide Selection at a Great Price

At, we specialize in the sale of off-lease devices. We offer used computers, used laptops, used smartphones, and used tablets from renowned manufacturers. In our extensive range, you'll find devices from the following brands: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, and many others.

If you need a laptop for studying, a computer for work, or a smartphone for daily use, you'll surely find something suitable on our website.

At, we love computers and have vast knowledge

Our team consists of passionate individuals who are professionals in their field. If you need assistance in selecting your devices, please reach out to our customer service.

Laptops 100% functional and attractive in appearance

All products are thoroughly tested by us, and customers receive only 100% technically efficient devices. The appearance of computers is also crucial to us, so we prepare the devices carefully to make them truly appealing.

The range mainly consists of used computers, used laptops, used tablets, used smartphones, and other devices like monitors or printers, all in Class A condition.

This means they are in excellent technical and visual condition, providing customers with many years of enjoyment with the perfect product. We also offer a wide selection of spare parts, hard drives, and laptop batteries at very attractive prices.

We understand that you don't have to spend a lot of money to own high-end products. Furthermore, we care about the environment when it comes to purchasing used electronics.

12 to 36 Months Warranty

A secure purchase comes with a warranty, which is why we offer our customers a 12 to 36-month warranty on products purchased from the shop. We also provide the option to return the purchased device within 30 days without specifying a reason.

We recommend reading the details found in the purchase and warranty terms for more information.

Express Delivery

We prepare the devices and ship them at lightning speed, earning excellent reviews. Customers also value our shop for the high quality of our products, fast delivery, hassle-free returns, and extended warranty. Good customer contact is also ensured through our customer service.