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Dell Latitude 7420 test
As the direct successor to the Latitude 7410 model from 2020, the Latitude 7420 from 2022 brings with it a number of changes both inside and out. Only the casing design remains the same, apart from the color scheme and texture.
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MacBook Pro A2251 13 2020 Review
The new generation MacBook Pro 13 continues the brand's tradition of offering users performance, elegance and innovation. With a powerful processor, fast SSD and high-quality screen, this laptop seems to meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Now it's time to test it and write about what it's really like.
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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme 2nd recommendation
Lenovo's second attempt is more of the same, but better made and executed. With a similarly attractive and portable design, lightning-fast performance and the option of a gorgeous 4K HDR display, the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 is a great choice for both content creators and business users. It's also one of the best ThinkPads, but more on that later.
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Eizo EV2450 test
Image quality and functionality are important when buying a monitor. Therefore, it is worth considering the EIZO EV2450 model, which offers excellent image quality, precise color calibration functions and an elegant design.
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 What is a Chromebook?
The main feature of a Chromebook is the integration of the operating system with the Google Chrome internet browser. Unlike conventional laptops that use different operating systems such as Windows or macOS, the Chromebook focuses on using web applications and storing data in the cloud.
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Backpack AMSO KTB230513 for small notebook, tablet or iPad
The AMSO KTB230513 backpack not only impresses with its modern design, but above all with its outstanding features, which make it the ideal solution for mobile protection of a 12-13" laptop, tablet or iPad. However, its attractive appearance is not its only advantage: thanks to the use of high-quality waterproof material, it also provides reliable protection against rain and accidental water ingress.
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